The moment of rebirth

She first picked up the book and flipped through it, and sure enough, it was all the latest professional books on neurosurgery. The contents cover the anatomical basis, pathophysiology, diseases and surgical points, most of which are not available in domestic libraries. She found Professor Y's book Microneurosurgery in it and was so excited that she immediately read it. Professor Y is internationally recognized as a great man in the century of neurosurgery and the founder of microneurosurgery. This book, Microsurgery, can be said to be the crystallization of his lifelong efforts. It is a classic work of neurosurgery written by him with a large amount of literature, his personal experience of more than 2700 cases of brain surgery and the data of 2000 cases of brain tissue autopsy. Jiahui brought the latest version abroad, with six volumes, which seems to add a lot of new pictures to the old version. Cory and the library have an old edition of this book, but on the one hand, many people borrow it, and on the other hand, as young people, Fanghua is still in the stage of laying the foundation. Many basic things and routine surgical methods have not yet been understood, so naturally they have not had time to read this masterpiece well. However, it is like a climber who climbs step by step, but always goes to a goal. This micro-minimally invasive surgery is the trend of future surgery, and naturally it is also the only way for brain surgeons. It is also necessary for surgeons to have a good reference book, but this book is neither sold in the original version nor translated in China. So, Jiahui really knows what he needs,outdoor palm trees, which is more touching than what jewelry, clothes and gifts he brings from abroad. Flipping through the book, Fanghua kept saying, "This book is so good, so great." Jiahui smiled and pointed to the CD next to him. "And these are what I tried to find for you.". They are all surgical videos of internationally renowned brain surgeons. "Huh?!" Fanghua looks at so many CDs, which is even more precious. Fanghua couldn't wait to see it. She was about to pick one up when Jiahui gently stopped her hand and said, "Don't look at it now. You can look at it slowly after the opening." "Mmm." Fanghua naturally knows that Rome was not built in a day. She felt the book and the CD contentedly, and finally could not help throwing herself into Jiahui's arms,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, pressing her face against his chest and murmuring, "I'm so lucky." Jiahui hugged her and said, "I am luckier." Fanghua thought to herself, "I always drag you down here. I want you to care about me, take care of me, and comfort me. What is there to be lucky for you?"? But I will do my best to make you really lucky. Thinking of this, Fanghua stood on tiptoe, kissed Jiahui, and said to him with a smile, "It's time to work!" Then he closed the small suitcase on the table, opened the notebook, spread out the literature, and began to work. Jiahui retreated with a smile, closed the door and called Dai Ping. At ten o'clock on the morning of the fourth day of the first lunar month, seven or eight young men and women aged 27 or 28 gathered one after another at the East Gate of West China Medical University. They were all very affectionate when they met each other, shoulder to shoulder, large ficus tree ,artificial grass panels, talking and laughing. After a while, an Iveco stopped at the gate. As soon as the front door opened, a young woman in a short yellow down jacket got out of the car with a smile. She inspected the crowd and was about to open her mouth when the women who had just been standing and chatting in a very ladylike manner rushed over and surrounded her, shouting "the youngest". Fanghua smiled even more happily. One by one, she hugged her roommates who hadn't seen her for a long time and said, "Guo Ling, you have a long double chin one day!" "Yang Qian, you really should lose weight!" "Hm?"? Wang Ju, why are you thin? Guo Ling is actually still very slim, but her face does have a little more meat, a little fatter than before, but her mouth still refuses to forgive people: "Haha, youngest, you don't look like a year younger than me now!" Yang Qian also married, but still so silly: "No way ah, after marriage and long more than 10 pounds, I am afraid it can not be reduced." Wang Ju didn't change much. She said with a smile, "I just got pregnant. I always vomited a while ago, so I lost weight." "Huh?" Everyone was surprised to ask questions around Wang Ju again, and the other boys congratulated her. Although Fanghua and Wang Ju often have contact, but this small half a year did not have much contact, did not expect her to have a new situation, both a little surprised and happy for her. The Fang Xing probe on the car comes out to say: "Alas, I say everybody still gets on a car first, arrived the place has plenty of time to chat slowly!" The party was arranged by Dai Ping and Fang Xing for Jiahui. In particular, Fang Xing has made great efforts. After all, as a medical representative these years, he often entertained the powerful people in the hospital and the doctors in the department to go out to eat and drink, and he was very clear about the entertainment places. Even the car was borrowed from the company. Naturally, however, he would not take his classmates to places that were too sensual or too luxurious. Fang Xing arranged a resort and leisure village run by the army in the western suburbs, where he could sing, eat, sing karaoke, play bowling and shoot targets. When the bus was heading for the western suburbs, the students on the bus naturally couldn't help chatting. Jiahui and Fanghua have not seen them for many years, but even these people in the same city have not seen each other for many years, because they are all very busy. However, as soon as we met at this gathering, there was no sense of strangeness and alienation, but more intimacy than in college. Everyone is laughing, talking about the past and the present, and a little thing can make everyone laugh. Most of the boys and girls are married, only Fang Xing is running around, and there is a boy who has been admitted to graduate school and has no friends. Married men are obviously much calmer than they were in college, not only because of their increased sense of responsibility after marriage, but also because of their professional reasons, which make them still show the calmness and calmness of doctors even on such happy occasions. On the contrary, the temperament of girls has not changed much. Even Guo Ling and Wang Ju,silk ficus tree, who are already mothers or will be mothers, still talk and laugh about the girls' charming appearance. Of course, they must have become more mature and dignified in dress.