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"Stop!"! I didn't treat that little guy badly at all. I found a famous teacher for her in heaven. Do you know who it is? It is a God king who is famous in the world, and it is a bird king, a God king with golden wings, which is just suitable for the little phoenix! Said these words, Chen Nan mourned for the little phoenix, met such a perverted master, the little guy is still struggling in the magma of the earth, or every day to vomit blood flying hundreds of thousands of miles. Is it? I've heard of him. Duanmu loosened his hand and slowly regained his former calm posture. He went on to say, "But the little phoenix is in heaven, which is a little worrying after all. Before she came back, we old demons unanimously decided that Chenxi would temporarily take the place of the future demon Lord of Kunlun Xuanjie." In the final analysis, a few old monsters still did not give up the idea of playing small dawn. Next to her, the quaint little princess shouted angrily, "Didn't a few bad old men say that I was the reincarnation of a demon? Didn't they ask me to be the Lord of Kunlun? Why are you still looking for someone else?" Duanmu smiled shyly and said, "You are the big demon Lord, Chenxi is the second demon Lord, and Little Phoenix is the third demon Lord.." The tea in Chen Nan's mouth almost spurted out, he looked at the little princess in amazement, this troublemaker is really. Three days in a hurry, Chen Nan has been guarding outside the Baihua Valley, and finally only left a long sigh. He entrusted the dawn to the big demon Duanmu,interactive touch screens education, who would bid farewell to Kunlun and go to the Holy Land of Tantai. He rose into the air and said to Duanmu, "I'm going to release the demons now. Get ready for the Kunlun Xuanjie, so as not to be attacked!" "Wait a minute. Rosen and the clay figurines will go with you. The birth of the Geshi Demon King is bound to attract all the top masters in the world to watch. Kunlun can't help but give face!" "And I, the leader of the demon clan, Hee Hee." Wind and rain from all directions will converge on the Holy Land of Tantai! Part II Chapter 244 Rivers of Blood Under the gaze of Xiao Chenxi's reluctant eyes, Chen Nan rose into the air and left Kunlun Xuanjie. The big demon Rosen and the clay figurine followed, and the lawless little princess also quietly controlled a big bird to follow. In this regard, the old demons in Kunlun Xuanjie turned a blind eye and seemed willing to leave the troublesome figure for a period of time. Of course,75 smart board, her speed could not catch up with the three people in front of her, so she could only go on the road alone in anger. Through the clouds and fog, Chen Nan, Rosen, and the clay figurine flew a hundred miles in an instant, and in a short time they had flown over two small countries in succession. For these two demons to cultivate, Chen Nan is still very surprised, these two people seem to have reached the primary level of God King, and seems to be in the same line as Tan Taixuan's disciple Wang Zhi, in the realm of quasi-God King, not easy to see through at once. The great demon Rosen incarnated innumerably. A thousand years ago, he and the magic frog made a scene in the West, stirring up a bloody storm. Hundreds of years ago, on a whim, he established a moderate human empire in the East. After a hundred years of immortality, interactive boards for classrooms ,smartboards for business, the overlord queen pretended to die and retired. The clay figurine looks gentle, but is definitely a ruthless role, once in a night of blood slaughter eight hundred miles, raised his hand to let a few small Xuanjie enemies go up in smoke. With these two strong men to follow, plus the big devil and Nalan Ruoshui, Chen Nan felt that the backup was already very strong. Thousands of miles away, for a strong man who can fly in the air, it is better than a leisurely stroll. Although the two demons are not as fast as Chen Nan, who has the wings of the God King, the speed of their full flight is also amazing. High mountains receded quickly, and human towns turned into virtual shadows. At noon on this day, Chen Nan finally arrived at Tan Tai Sheng, where the wind and rain gathered in all directions. As soon as Fang approached here a hundred miles away, he could already feel the unusual atmosphere here, where many metaphysical masters gathered from all over the mainland. Full of all kinds of strong breath. And Tan Tai Sheng's seal of the Great Demon King, these two days the roar of the voice is more intense, not only in the middle of the night, even in the daytime, but also often let Tan Tai Sheng's disciples feel the breath of terror. The sealed demon king seemed to know that his day out of trouble was not far away, and he seemed to have noticed the unusual atmosphere outside. Three long roars came from the vast sky, Chen Nan, Rosen, clay figurines appeared in the continuous snow peak sky, the front of the green, beautiful trees of the ancient saint has been reflected in front of us. I felt the strong breath of the three people. Many Xuanjie masters in the Great Snow Mountain flew into the air one after another. Almost all of them had seen the portrait of Chen Nan, and they had already heard that the human extreme masters had revealed that he would break Tan Taisheng's killing array today and release the Gaishi Demon King. The vitality of many Xuanjie masters fluctuates and surges at the same time. After gathering together, they are really like a vast ocean, powerful and horrible, which can not be guessed! "Ow." A dragon roar sounded from the distant sky, Zijin Shenlong and Jiasili. It came as fast as two flashes of lightning. What is the name of the loach crying wolf? "Ow.." Boy, I've brought you a big help today. Zijin Shenlong said proudly, "If you want to let the big devil come out, if you don't have enough hands, Kunde, that old bastard, will do his part. Ouch.." Ruffian Dragon was severely pinched by Jiasili. Although the old bastard did not show up, but Jiasili has sensed his breath, this time he did not embarrass me, Jiasili has contacted the old bastard, he promised to be able to separate an incarnation to help. This land is indeed a strong support! There was a flash of golden light in the distant sky, and the baby dragon slipped out from the middle of Tan Tai Sheng, and the little guy's mouth was full of oil. A little golden paw, carrying a wine jar bigger than himself, flew over drunkenly, staggering all the way. Chen. Chen Nan, I.. Brought you a drink, this.. But three hundred years of peerless aging. Delicious. It's delicious! "The baby dragon's voice was full of milk,classroom interactive whiteboard, and he spoke off and on, and it was not easy for him to fly to the south of Chen." "Dong" Chen Nan unceremoniously knocked on the little fellow's head and said, "You little drunkard are getting worse and worse!" 。