Seek the way of immortals

Hearing what Liu Huaxiang said, Xu Qingfan's face was slightly heavy. But he still nodded, and after settling down with Ting, he walked toward the thatched cottage that Liu Huaxiang had arranged for him. The thatched cottage arranged by Liu Huaxiang for Xu Qingfan is as dilapidated as the "Herb Garden", built with some stone and forage. Sunlight entered the room through the gaps between the grass on the roof. A little spot of light was cast, and the howling cold wind was constantly seeping through the cracks in the walls. The thatched cottage is quite big. It was more than twenty feet wide and long, but the furnishings were extremely simple. There were no seats or cabinets, only a straw bed leaning against the corner of the room, which was very lonely in the empty room. This is a good place for penance. Seeing the scene in the house, Xu Qingfan could only think so. Walking to the grass bed and sitting cross-legged, Xu Qingfan took out two kinds of elixirs given to him by Liu Huaxiang, but found that there was only a purple elixir the size of a little finger in the purple bottle, and only a little white mucus in the white bottle. Compared with other elixirs, these two kinds of elixirs were very inconspicuous, but emitted a pungent stench. People can not help but doubt the identity of their healing medicine. But Xu Qingfan knew that whether it was the elixir or the magic weapon, all those holy things were unremarkable and restrained. In addition,outdoor ficus tree, he believed that Liu Huaxiang would not joke with him about healing, so Xu Qingfan did not hesitate. First, he took the elixir in the purple bottle, and then applied the mucus in the white bottle to the wound on his right leg. Then Xu Qingfan calmed down, closed his eyes and began to meditate. The elixir given to him by Liu Huaxiang was indeed the secret of the Valley of the King of Medicine. Xu Qingfan entered a state of meditation. As the potency of the medicine continued to melt into the Reiki and run all over his body, Xu Qingfan only felt a cool force constantly moistening the Dantian and all the meridians in his body. Under this cool force,artificial coconut palm trees, not only did the lost Reiki begin to recover rapidly, The cracks and injuries between the original meridians are also recovering rapidly at a speed that can be clearly felt. At the same time, the slime on the wound on the leg suddenly became hot. But this piece of boiling hot although seemingly amazing temperature, but Xu Qingfan did not feel uncomfortable, but felt that the right leg has been occupied by the black ice cold began to gradually become warm, the original numbness has gradually become soft, careful investigation, but found that this writing mucus is constantly infiltrating into Xu Qingfan's right leg. While constantly delivering mild air to Xu Qingfan's body, he constantly pulled out the black ice cold air from his right leg. In addition, the Phoenix Reiki in Xu Qingfan's body is constantly running between the right leg meridians, and the recovery speed of the injury is even faster. Feeling all kinds of changes in his body, large artificial blossom trees ,silk ficus tree, Xu Qingfan could not help admiring the two kinds of elixirs given to him by Liu Huaxiang. He only felt that with these two kinds of elixirs, he was afraid that all the internal and external injuries in the world would be out of the question. But what Xu Qingfan did not know was that the two elixirs Liu Huaxiang gave him were mysterious, and the reason why the injuries in his body had such a recovery speed. Of course, these two elixirs are also important reasons. But the most important reason is his body itself. Since he and Feng Qingtian experienced all kinds of mutations together, Xu Qingfan's body has more characteristics of the ancient mythical beast flame phoenix, and the flame phoenix is the most magical among the mythical beasts known in the world. As for the mystery of its phoenix nirvana, even after tens of thousands of years of research by immortals, the reason is still unknown. What is certain is the self-healing ability of the Flaming Phoenix. It is absolutely the best creature in the world. Although Xu Qingfan has only a trace of Phoenix blood in his body, his ability to recover is far better than that of ordinary people. But now Xu Qingfan does not care to think about the detailed reasons for his physical changes. As meditation and rest continue, Xu Qingfan's mood gradually becomes distant and peaceful, and eventually falls into an ethereal state. I do not know how long, when Xu Qingfan felt that all the injuries in the body have recovered, the original loss of Reiki has been restored, I do not know how long the closed eyes have finally slowly opened. Tried to run the Reiki in the body, but found that with the conation, Reiki immediately began to run peacefully but flexibly between the meridians of the body. Xu Qingfan could not help nodding with satisfaction. Because he found himself through this healing. Not only did he recover from his injuries, but his own use of Reiki seemed to be more flexible. As Xu Qingfan stood up from the grass bed, he felt a layer of dust falling off his body. Looking out of the house through the cracks in the roof of the grass house, he found that the stars in the sky of Jiuhua were twinkling, and it was obviously late at night. Xu Qingfan remembered that before he meditated to heal his wounds, it was not yet noon, but it was already late at night. Judging from the dust accumulated in his body, Xu Qingfan's meditation time was not just a day. All of a sudden. Xu Qingfan felt a familiar and strange wave of Reiki coming from outside the house. It was familiar because Xu Qingfan had sensed this wave of Reiki almost every day in the past two years, but the strange thing was that although the wave was mixed but natural, the magic gas and fire Reiki were naturally mixed together, but it was Tinger who was practicing her black magic fire. That's when. Liu Huaxiang's voice suddenly came to Xu Qingfan's ears. Guy. You're finally awake. Are your internal injuries healed? But it was a moment when Xu Qingfan used divine consciousness to detect the situation outside the house. He was discovered by Liu Huaxiang and asked Xu Qingfan in secret. Xu Qingfan smiled, I do not know why, in the moment of hearing Liu Huaxiang's voice, he had a slightly confused mood is not a peace, pushed open the door of the grass house, walked to the outside of the room, but saw Liu Huaxiang is guiding Tinger to display the fire system. It could be seen that Liu Huaxiang was very fond of Ting'er. Although he was a monk in the period of making alchemy (actually in the period of Mahayana), he did not feel the slightest impatience with the monk who was guiding a period of Qi refining. He had a kind smile on his face. As for Xiaobi, she lay aside obediently, holding the very small puppet toy in her paws, quietly looking at Tinger and Liu Huaxiang. Looking at Tinger again, Xu Qingfan found that the black flame she displayed was much stronger than what she had seen last time. After divine detection,outdoor ficus tree, Xu Qingfan was even more surprised to find that in just over two years, Tinger had already had the cultivation of the middle stage of Qi refining, and was not far from the realm of the later stage of Qi refining.