Summer of bubbles II

On the other side of the dressing room, Ann Huini looked into the mirror, tightened the skin around her eyes with her fingers, and found that the eyeliner had overflowed a little. She frowned and shouted without looking back. Jane's footsteps stopped, stared hard at Ann Huini, and then stared at Jing Jie. Xia Mo's makeup has not been finished, this crystal elder sister will not leave her to run to Ann Huini there. "Uh.." Jing elder sister looked at Yin Xia foam lips only half of the lip line, do not know how to do to both sides do not offend. Sister Jing! Ann Huini looked back impatiently. Seeing Sister Jing standing beside Yin Xiamo, her face suddenly sank and she said angrily: Sister Jing, didn't you hear me? My makeup is off. Come and help me fix it right away! "Hello!"! Xia Mo is also making up! Jane said discontentedly, "and your play will be three scenes later, the next scene is Xia Mo's play, and it's not too late to give you makeup after Xia Mo finishes her makeup!" I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Miss Ann, two minutes, two minutes, "Jing Jie quickened the movement of her hands and said apologetically," Miss Yin's makeup will be ready soon,interactive digital whiteboard, and I'll make up for you right away. " "Thank you." Yin Xiamo said softly. "That's right," Jane said to the stunned Ann Huini with a giggle. "Otherwise, if you finish your makeup so early and take it off after a while, don't you have to do it again?"? Too much makeup is not good for your skin. "Cough.." Jing Jie coughed awkwardly, and she felt a little sorry for Yin Xia Mo, but she didn't want to offend Ann Huini at all. Although Ann Huini does often order them around like a servant, if she offends a big star,smart board touch screen, the job will be in danger. Jane, go quickly and don't be late. Yin Xiamo said gently that Jane wanted to say something more. She gave her a look. Jane stuck out her tongue and walked away obediently. Sister Jing! An Huini's voice raised an octave, frightened Jingjie to shiver, and the lip brush in her hand fell down, watching it fall on Yin Xiamo's skirt, but Yin Xiamo quietly grabbed the handle of the lip brush with her fingers. I'm sorry! I'm sorry Jing Jie was so shocked that her face turned white. She knew that the skirt on Yin Xiamo's body was going to take over the play with yesterday. If it was stained by the lipstick on the lip brush, the director would be furious, and she would make a big mistake. It doesn't matter Yin Xiamo's smile was as warm as sunshine. She looked at herself in the makeup mirror, leaving only the red lips unpainted. Sister Jing, you go to the senior Huini, and I can do the rest by myself. "That.." "Sister Jing is sorry and embarrassed." You go quickly, it really doesn't matter. Yin Xiamo smiled at her, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive panel board, then carefully smeared lipstick in front of the mirror. Jing Jie just wants to work to make a living, so why bother to stir her into Ann Huini's hostility to herself? What can I do for you, Miss Ann? Sister Jing came to Ann Huini with a smile on her face. An Huini looked at her coldly, and Jing Jie awkwardly lowered her head and took out a new powder puff from her makeup box to make up for her. An Huini looked in the mirror at Yin Xiamo, who was sitting in the corner making up, and her expression was so quiet that nothing could bother her. An Huini snorted from the bottom of her heart. Just is a new person, dare to attempt to surpass the limelight of the predecessors, with Yin Xiamo this aptitude also deserves to be mentioned in the same breath with her on the network and the media?! Last night, there was a phone call from an entertainment reporter asking her, and now it is said outside that Yin Xiamo is the most matched couple with Ling Hao, and asked her what she thought! Ha, today she has a scene with Yin Xiamo, she will let Yin Xiamo know what the consequences of not respecting the predecessors are! // Summer of Bubbles II Chapter3 (5) The atmosphere of the shooting scene was different from that of the past. The scene was cleared early in the morning, and the entertainment reporters were not allowed to visit. The producer also appeared at nine o'clock in the morning. The staff was a little surprised at first, but later they heard that the person in charge of the investor might come to inspect the situation, and everyone was suddenly enlightened. "Pure Love Song" two-thirds of all the funds are invested by this company, should be the big boss of the play, no wonder the producers are so nervous. Time passed in a flash. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the producer finally waited for the head of the investor. Simon came out first, and the producer welcomed him warmly. Simon just smiled politely in response, then went to the door and opened the door respectfully. When the man got out of the stretch black Bentley. The producer froze. He had only seen Ou Chen, the young master of Ou's group, who was as handsome and cold as the sun God, from a distance in the banquets of the upper class. Ou Chen doesn't seem to be a real person. Ou Chen only lives in legends, all of which are as mysterious as myths, and occasionally some of his profile and back are captured on TV and magazines. In the banquet of the upper class, only the status of a particularly distinguished person can be close to Ou Chen's surroundings, and Ou Chen often appears less than half an hour before disappearing, so although he has seen Master Ou Chen, he has never had the opportunity to contact. The investment of "Pure Love Song" was handled by Simon, the special assistant of Ou's Group, and Ou Chen did not show up during the whole process. I didn't expect. Master Ou Chen will come in person today! Ou Chen looked up at the sky. The sky was electric blue, a little cloudy, and there was no sunshine. His eyes were dark, and there was no sunshine in his world. Why did he have to go to delusions like masochism. His face turned cold and he walked into the building where "Pure Love Song" was filmed. In winter, everything seems to be frozen stiff. In the cold wind. Only the green lace on the wrist was still flying quietly. "Pure Love Song" shooting scene. The air froze, all the staff on the sidelines were shocked, the camera almost fell off the cameraman's shoulder, and the picture froze like a freeze. Pow! A heavy slap in the face of Yin Xiamo left! An Huini's slap was full of strength,touch screen board classroom, and at the moment when her hand hit Yin Xiamo's face, there seemed to be a burst of fire in the air, and the sound of the slap was heard clearly by all the people present. Yin Xia Mohuo opened his eyes wide.