The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System

Pang Fei decided that the location is the police station in the new district, which is also to be able to quickly end the test, after all, the police station is the nearest to here. So in the end, the unmanned car came to the police station with Song Qingsong, who had just come to work. Whose car is this! Who let it in? Song Qingsong just entered the gate and looked up to see this very cool car, without any logo, but also so conspicuous, naturally will be curious. But akimbo did not see a door for a long time, the glass was dark, and nothing could be seen inside. This made him so angry that he had the idea of calling the traffic police detachment next door to post a ticket. Old Song, he can't see inside? Pang Fei looked at Song Qingsong, who was very angry outside, and had some doubts. He was able to see the inside when he was just outside. How could he not be able to see the inside when he arrived at Old Song? "It's invisible. When the vehicle is set to be taken, it will turn on the one-way state. They can't see inside, but they can see outside." Said Yu Yiye did not know what key to click on the touch screen, just saw the swearing Song Qingshu Leng on the spot, this seems to see them. Yu Yiye smiled and waved to Song Qingshu, and the people outside the window waved mechanically, as if they had not yet come to their senses. This is Pang Fei still didn't know much about it, so he opened his mouth and asked. If you need two-way, just click the switch, and if there is any dangerous situation inside, it will automatically switch. Yu Yiye clicked on the touch screen, and this time it was all explained. Now that they had arrived at their destination, all three of them got out of the car. The drinks in Yiye's hands were already cold. Wu Xin naturally took them and put them in his bag. Maybe when he wanted to drink them? "I said, Old Song, the soul has returned." Chubby fleshy hands dangled in front of Song Qingsong,fake ficus tree, and Pang Fei seriously pondered the possibility that the police station chief was scared silly. After calling like this for a long time, he finally called Song Qingsong back to his senses. Pang Fatty. This car.. The first sentence of this return to God is to ask the question of the driverless car, completely unaware that he called Pang Fei's nickname. …… Can't you read it yourself? Pang Fei that round face is a face of disgust, he is too lazy to care about this old fellow! It's definitely not because he called himself a nickname. Song Qingsong is actually such a question, even Pang Fei's words did not hear is around the unmanned car round and round, the excitement in the eyes is undisguised. This man, there are still a lot of people who love cars. Looking at such a situation, Pang Feiqi is blowing his beard and staring, while Yu Yiye is looking very happy. Chapter 879 there are many geniuses. The morning rush hour has officially arrived, and the traffic police detachment next door has all been out to maintain order. Every day they are very busy, whether it is the morning rush hour, the afternoon rush hour, or the evening rush hour. They hardly have a long rest. But even with such hard work, you can still hear the drivers honking their horns crazily. The sound of horns is the standard of the morning rush hour. So what does Mayor Pang think? This is an empty room in the police station. Several people moved a few stools and sat down. This kind of conversation looks very casual, silk olive tree ,fake blossom tree, but in fact it is not casual at all. I don't think it's a problem. If I can, I'd like to be on my way now. Pang Fei is a crisp and neat person, at least a person who will work very hard and do well as long as he feels right about what he has identified. Hearing Pang Fei say this, the smile on Yiye's face has never disappeared, why is this so? Yu Yiye often makes people feel a little confused, Pang Fei can only turn his eyes to Wu Xin for help, but only get a shrug. Wu Xin showed a helpless expression, no way, he did not know. Wu Xin's side is useless, so what should we do next? Pang Fei pondered for a moment and felt that it was better to tell the truth. The straightforward point is that Yiye is always right here. This is a rule. General Manager Yu, don't laugh. I'm serious. ” Pang Fei always attaches importance to these, after all, it is very important for him, not because he is a mayor or how, just because his sense of responsibility is here. No, no, no, Mayor Pang misunderstood. Yu Yiye's eyebrows and eyes were curved, and he opened his mouth slowly, "I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at myself." "Laugh at yourself?" Pang Fei repeated one side with doubts and got a nod of approval from Yu Yiye. Yes, I laughed at myself for thinking too much. I always thought that Mayor Pang would not agree, or would not agree so quickly. May be because of too many times hit the wall, so let Yiye everything is very cautious, especially this cooperation, Yiye is always confirmed again and again, but still not at ease. However, just now, Pang Fei said what he thought in his heart, and Yu Yiye knew that he had never been oversensitive, good is good, bad is bad. It made her breathe a sigh of relief, but it also made her feel that she really thought too much. It's just a self-deprecating smile. "No, if other people are not expected to be able to agree, I am not an ordinary person, am I?" Said confidently. But Pang Fei's words are also true, not everyone has such an idea. Yu Yiye smiled and nodded, the world is so incredible, should she say that Yu Yiye is lucky or not? It looks good now. In this way, when the traffic police come back from their busy work, let them come to see the car, at least recognize it, so as to save the trouble of directly impounding it without recognizing it, and then go to the DMV to get the brand together. Pang Fei was so excited that he made a direct decision. Of course, he was not worried about what kind of trouble this would definitely bring to Yu Yiye, because Yu Yiye had told him before that the formalities had been completed,Faux cherry blossom tree, but in fact, after the formalities were completed, Yu Yiye arranged for people to apply for a license at the Vehicle Administration Office in the new district.