The city camp

"Who do you despise?!" Xing Kelei raised his eyebrows, and then there was a smile on his lips, and there was a little laziness in his expression. "I deeply agree with the fighting capacity of the 532 regiment, so it's really a little hard to digest the confrontation, but if you play some tricks," he said. He raised his eyebrows on one side: "As long as you can win, don't you mind, boss?" "What conspiracy?"? Blackmail someone else? He Yicheng could not bear to see his ruffian face. "Promising!" He scolded. "To blackmail him?" Xing Kelei seemed to have been pulled out, and his face was full of excitement. "Soldiers don't get tired of cheating, so it's okay to blackmail him." He Yicheng did not speak, obviously meaning "you can do it yourself". Then the two studied the training program reported by the regiments. When Xing Kelei was leaving, He Yicheng asked, "What are you going to do next?"? But your sister-in-law said that the little girl was so angry with you that she didn't eat breakfast and scolded you. So Mi did not specifically complain at all, but the little girl and He Yayan said a few bad words about Xing Kelei. Emotion is better than no reaction. Xing Kelei put on his hat and answered, "Coax me!"! My long mouth is not just for eating and chatting, it also has the function of coaxing my wife! Then, under the watchful eyes of Heyi City, he saluted and left. Soon after that, he turned back and stood outside the door and leaned half of his body to come in: "I asked for leave in the afternoon, and you approved it." He Yicheng rubbed his temples and asked knowingly,4k smart board, "What are you going to do?" Xing Kelei smiled with a ruffian look on his face: "I want a name!" "Go away!" He was responded by Chief of Staff He who raised his hand to smash the document. Leaving the division headquarters, Xing Kelei went straight to the army hospital. For the first time in his life, he felt that the hospital was such a beautiful place, but the good mood did not last to the end, it was broken by a sudden accident. Xing Kelei just parked his car, and before he entered the hall on the first floor, he was attracted by the inexplicable commotion. The author has something to say: the end of the month, a little busy,interactive panels for education, the day can not be lazy code words, so update late, dear forgive me! Everyone is happy to read the article. Don't forget to leave flowers. I know that you only have Lao He, Staff Officer He and Ah Xing in your eyes and hearts, but you can also please your mother appropriately. You know, if someone is not in a good mood, he will get used to sexually abusing his children. (^ o ^)/~ Love you, good night! City Camp 10 As soon as Xing Kelei stepped into the hall, the outside of the hospital was boiling. Fire engines and police cars arrived one after another, and the crowd of onlookers at the scene was stopped outside the cordon, and everyone's line of sight was coincidentally gathered on the roof of the seventh floor. Xing Kelei, who did not know why, turned around when he heard the sound and found the battle outside. He gathered his eyebrows tightly, as if he had telepathy. Like a conditioned reflex, smartboard for business ,electronic board for classroom, he took out his cell phone and pressed the shortcut key to call Mi. He grabbed the arm of the passing nurse and asked, "What's the situation?"? Is there a robbery? The little nurse saw the olive green relatives of the PLA and answered anxiously, "It's not robbery, it's jumping off a building!"! It's like an orthopedic intern has been kidnapped. "Jump off a building?" His cell phone rang completely but no one answered. Xing Kelei had a bad feeling, especially when he heard the two key words of orthopaedic surgery and interns, which were related to rice, his eyes suddenly became cold: "Make a movie!" The voice did not fall, the man has rushed to the top floor. At this time, in the operating room on the fourth floor of Building D, the difficult heart surgery being carried out by Shao Yuhan's special cardiac team was nearing the end, while a group of doctors and nurses were surrounded on the roof. Stretching his arms to stop the people behind him from pushing forward, He Ya earnestly advised the family members of the patient who was out of control not far away: "Calm down and think about it. Your wife is still lying in bed waiting for you to come home and take care of him. You can't solve the problem by doing this, but.." How can I calm down? My wife is like this because of you, quack! You're going to kill her. The man standing in the danger zone on the roof was wearing a light gray cotton-padded jacket, his hair seemed to have not been cut for a long time, it was long and messy, and his twisted and ferocious expression represented his anger, which was a sign of hysteria. What is a quack? Please be responsible for your words and deeds! For your wife's condition, the hospital did not agree with her discharge at all, but you did not squeak and ran away with her, and now something happened again. The word of a young doctor has not been finished, another interface in a hurry: "The condition is ever-changing, why should we take full responsibility?"? Besides, our hospital hasn't pursued the medical expenses you owe yet, and you're still.. "Shut up!" A congealed male voice shouted, "Are you still stimulating him at this time?" Between the words, Xing Kelei has hurried to the front, standing beside He Yayan, eyes sharply locked the man who kidnapped the rice. But apparently these words have stimulated the man, accompanied by a cry of surprise, the mood is on the verge of collapse, he leaned to the edge of the top floor: "You just don't want to take responsibility!"! I spent so much money, instead of curing her, you infected her with complications, are you doctors or executioners? You murderers, you pay for my wife's life. He Yayan stared at the man, afraid of missing a change in his expression, trying to persuade: "We will investigate the responsibility later. I promise to give you justice for who is right and who is wrong. The most important thing now is to treat her. What she still needs is that you are by her side and need a second operation.." Kong Wu's powerful hand controlled the rice, and the man screamed like a broken man: "What else can I do?"? If you do it again, her life will be gone. I won't tell you. Call your hospital leaders and call them! Hearing this, Xing Kelei was puzzled and asked, "Where is the leader of your hospital?"? Are they dead after such a big thing? He Yayan looked anxious: "The dean is now having a heart bypass operation." "This side will collapse when he sets up the other side." Motioned He Yayan to step back with his eyes. Xing Kelei stepped forward little by little without disturbing the other side: "I am the leader of the hospital. Say, what do you want?" The appearance of Xing Kelei made the panic of Mi, who was held hostage by the man, inexplicably reduced a lot. She bit her lower lip and met him in midair. Xing Kelei looked at her deeply and nodded appeasingly,86 smart board, as if to say, "Don't be afraid, I'm here!" 。