Very happy by: (Li Du)

'Just Say you haven't seen much of the world. How can you be so observant? ' Qu Hang picked up the towel on his shoulder and picked up the washbasin. 'It was only when I saw the girl that I found out that there was a ready-made one in front of you. I should have known it long ago.' Then he pulled the door open and went to the water room to wash. Wei Duoduo's laughing and scolding came faintly behind him. 'No matter how good you are, what can you do for me? I'm not gay! My voice is hoarse like that, and I don't miss the chance to praise myself. Qu Hang lowered his head and walked forward, but he was not. No matter what he did to me, a wry smile appeared on his lips. I was not, I was not. Until lights out that night, the roommate on the upper berth of Quhang did not show up. Probably because of too much exercise today, Lv Qi and Wei Duoduo fell asleep without chatting a few words. Qu Hang stared straight at the iron bar on the bed. After a long time, he sighed, took out his cell phone, and wrote a'sorry 'text message to Xu Linchuan. Less than a minute later, Xu Linchuan replied to the message. The sound of the mobile phone seemed to disturb Lv Qi's good dream. He turned over and muttered, 'You rusted the nail.' What and what? Qu Hang smiled and immediately thought of turning the mobile phone into a vibration. Xu Linchuan's message is very simple, only five words, 'don't think, sleep.' Qu Hang closed his cell phone and rarely closed his eyes obediently, but he was depressed to find that the situation was even worse. All the old memories appeared clearly, one scene after another, playing in a loop without interruption. Qu Hang sat up with chagrin, took out his MP3 and put a heavy metal card in it, turned up the volume, and plugged in his headphones. The mournful timbre broke the image of the past into pieces,fake ficus tree, but it was blocked in my heart, and I felt suffocated. Quhang vent vigorously pulled down the headphones, want to open the phone to see the time, but unexpectedly found two more text messages. One is at twelve thirty-seven and the other is at twelve forty-five. From the same person, a number just deposited, Zhao Heng. Qu Hang raised his hand and threw the mobile phone aside, pulled up the quilt to cover his head, but after less than a minute,artificial banyan trees, he sat up and groped for the mobile phone on the bed, quickly pressed it to check, the first message was, 'I'm glad to meet again'. Number two, 'How have you been these years?' Qu Hang snorted disdainfully. When he wanted to close the phone, he hesitated for a moment. Finally, he let the brightness of the screen dim. He hugged his knees, looked at it for a while, bit his lip, and wrote on the phone, 'What did you do earlier? Now I remember to ask. ' Almost immediately, a phone call came in, 'Hang. 'Qu Hang, are you asleep? ' 'Sleep? You think I'm sleepwalking and texting you! ' Qu Hang lowered his voice and said grumpily. The other end of the phone was silent for a long time, and Qu Hang could not open his mouth. Finally, Zhao Heng said over there, large palm trees for sale ,decorative palm trees, 'Come out and have a chat!' Quhang hung up the phone without saying anything. He quietly put on his shoes and walked out of the dormitory. The moment he closed the door, he felt that he must be crazy. But Qu Hang could not control so much, so many questions in his mind forced him to think, just want to find the answer as soon as possible, an answer he tried his best to avoid tonight. Qu Hang walked through the corridor, down the stairs, and Zhao Heng, who was walking up, finally came face to face alone. They just nodded to each other and sat side by side on the steps of the stairs. 'Zhao Heng, 'Qu Hang put his arm on his knee and held his head.' To tell you the truth, I didn't think we would meet again. I thought about it many times. I thought I had thought of everything? But I still missed this one today. ' "Me too." Zhao Heng turned sideways and looked at Qu Hang and found a mocking expression on his face. 'Don't you believe it?' 'It's Not that I don't believe it. Do you believe it when you say it? ' Qu Hang looked serious, 'I didn't expect you and Zhang Xiaoshu to develop like this, you should have known it long ago! Don't tell me that was your first kiss! ' Looking at Qu Hang's cold eyes, Zhao Heng smiled bitterly, 'Qu Hang, do you blame me?' 'No! ' Quhang don't look too far away from Zhao Heng, 'no matter how good you two are, it has nothing to do with me! I'm just a little surprised. It's not your fault, Zhao Heng, you know I went to see you in the third year of junior high school! ' 'Know. Zhao Heng's eyes became deep. Not only did I know, but I ran out to the train station to find you, and found you on the platform from 6:30 to 10:00. But I can't help it if you don't believe me, and I really can't prove it. Qu Hang frowned, such Zhao Heng is he has never seen, some heavy, with some depression, as if carrying the responsibility can not bear, 'Zhao Heng, what happened that day? You ignored me later, and it had something to do with it, didn't you? Zhao Heng did not look at Qu Hang. His eyes looked straight at the wall in front of him, but his eyes seemed to wander through the obstacles of time and space on that winter night many years ago. 'That day, I forgot an agreement, an agreement that I thought was very common. But I didn't expect that this forgetting would cause so much harm and change the way I would go in the future. 22. Zhao Heng's eyes flow out too much tired sadness, Qu Hang heart a pain, can not help but reach out and pat his arm, 'Zhao Heng, you are all right! Forget it, stop it! I believe you, I do not blame you, do not blame Zhang Xiaoshu, 'and lowered his head and smiled,' really, what is the matter with Zhang Xiaoshu! You don't have to say it anyway. ' Zhao Heng turned his head and smiled at Qu Hang. 'You've really grown up and learned to be considerate of others.' Facing that smile, Qu Hang felt a little restless on his face. He took back his hand in a panic and turned his face away. 'I've always been so jealous, but you didn't know how to appreciate it before.' 'Well, I was wrong. ' Zhao Heng smiled at Qu Hang again, followed by a positive color, 'but I still want to tell you,artificial plant wall panels, just want to tell you a person. Promise me you won't mention what I said today to anyone else, will you? Qu Hang nodded silently, waiting for Zhao Heng to continue.